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Establishing and Developing PMO in TCI

Managing the PMO development plan at Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) is another of the projects that the Iranian Modern Technology and Management Company (IMTMC) managed with its experts.

This project lasted for 1 year. IMTMC, after settling at the company, evaluated the current situation of TCI. In the evaluation phase, the PMO was reviewed from the point of organizational structure, staff competency, service descriptions, standards and methodologies, as well as tools used to report and follow up to projects. The complexity and manifold of running projects in the TCI made it more urgent to develop and improve the PMO.

In the second phase, IMTMC planned and implemented some activities to solve the identified problems in the evaluation phase and organized TCI 5 year plan and priorities.

In this part, IMTMC Made the necessary structural changes, developed the PMO services, and proposed a structure for managing priorities. Then, by modifying the existing tools, IMTMC developed and promoted new tools for structuring activities, reporting and tracking them, and then promoted them in the organization. Also, due to the training needs identified in the evaluation phase, the PMBOK and MSP software presented for staff.

In general, the project has implemented in the following phases for achieving the TCI goals.

  • Evaluating current status
  • Providing the necessary guidelines in the field of project management
  • Designing the required formats and templates for project management system mechanization
  • Planning project activities
  • Staff training
  • Launching a project management office
  • Developing PMO team