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the First Celebration Planning Platform

In order to facilitate the planning of celebrations and enhancing the general happiness in society, Bazmineh site ( was born in 2017 with new ideas and valuable goals to intense celebration and happiness in our country.

Bazmineh website ( is the first Iranian reference to plan celebrations such as wedding and nomination, birthday partie, graduation celebration and the baby shower with providing practical information on various provider. The Bazmineh ( lets you create a personal website for your celebration and share its information with your guests by posting the link and inviting them online.

With the help of the bazmineh checklist (, you do not forget anything, and you have an accurate estimate of your celebration cost, by using the cost management part.

It is impossible to enter this website and will not be fascinate with the articles and ideas section. On this website, you access the latest articles on the occasion of weddings, nominations, birthdays, baby shower and other celebrations, according to the Iranian culture. The number and quality of these articles will be more everyday.

All our staffs effort to provide up-to-date and functional content for you, and to introduce the reputable suppliers, you can get the best services. Ultimately, you can share your experiences and memories with others on this website.